Skeptisch bleiben: Ein Sonnenwunder am Freitag in Afrika

Mit Vorsicht zu genießen - vermeintliches Sonnenwunder am letzten Freitag in Afrika.
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Ob Wunder oder nicht, da ist es wie Eugenia-Sarto es schon schrieb. Doch wir sollten vielleicht unser Augenmerk mehr auf die Menschen richten, weil so wie es scheint uns etwas lehren können.
De Profundis

Cardinal Raymond Burke Visits the Relic of the Head of St. Thomas More

The American Cardinal discusses the life and witness of the 16th century martyr after praying at the burial place of St. Thomas More's relic in St. Dunstan's church, Canterbury, Oct. 15, 2017.
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I wish this guy would have become Pope.

St Mary of Pine Bluff

Set in the rolling farmland of southwestern Wisconsin, St. Mary of Pine Bluff is a gem on a hill. With ad orientam Masses and world-class sacred music, you will find at St. Mary a slice of heaven.
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Militante Feministen attackieren Kathedrale in Argentinien

Mit Steinen, Feuer, Farbschmierereien haben militante Teilnehmer einer Demonstration im argentinischen Resistencia die Kathedrale der Stadt beschädigt. Die Veranstaltung, an der die radikalen Feminis… 더보기
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Wie sich der Straßenmob doch in allen Ländern ähnelt.
Theresia Katharina
Bei einer Demo in München für das Ungeborene Leben wurden wir, obwohl nur betend und singend, von den Antifa-Frauen kreischend angegriffen. Am … 더보기
A feel-good story from Africa - Conjoined twins survive gruelling journey to separation

Conjoined twins survive epic journey

The one-week-old baby girls had to go on a 15-hour journey on the back of a motorbike.
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Sistine Chapel aims for new heights with Olympics-style show

Marco Balich, the artistic director for several past Olympics, is designing a multi-media show to bring the Vatican Museums to life for spectators. …
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They turn God’s house into a “den of thieves”. 더보기
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Ich hoffe das schützt auch unsere Grenzen vor dem organisierten Verbrechen das aus Polen zu uns kommt. 2015 nahmen polnische Staatsbürger Platz 3 in … 더보기
Theresia Katharina
Polen ist noch zu 90 % katholisch und nicht so zersetzt wie wir in Deutschland!
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Call for the canonical reprimand of Bergoglio

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Petition to the Pope, as handed to Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State in June 2017
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Answer of Parolin: "I want to be the next pope. I care about dipomacy and power not about truth and AL." Answer to Parolin: "Power", that's the word. Expect the Omnipotent."
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Science cannot explain the miracle of the sun (100th anniversary)

Not even science can explain the spectacular scene 70,000 people witnessed in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917. Do you believe? The 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun is October 13, … 더보기
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Even if science could explain it, they would then have to explain how an ignorant peasant girl was the only person in the world who predicted it to the minute.
Amid Evangelical decline, growing split between young Christians and church elders

Amid Evangelical decline, growing split between young Christians and church elders

The number of white evangelical Protestants fell from about 23 percent of the US population in 2006 to 17 percent in 2016, and only 11 percent are …
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And the Pope wants catholics to be more like protestants
You couldn't make it up. BBC reports that Sweden has discovered its always been a Muslim country.

Why did Vikings have 'Allah' on clothes?

New Swedish research on Viking funeral clothes raises questions about Islam's influence in Scandinavia.
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Vikings plundered expensive things across Europe... couldn't it just be possible that these were just things that they stole from somewhere? I think … 더보기

Are they gay themselves?

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More bishops offer support for the (for me very sinister) LGBT-welcoming "Building a Bridge" of James Martin
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The homosexuals always stick together. Birds of a feather , flock together.
Maybe a bridge to hell
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Sgarbi contro Papa Francesco "Cosa stai dicendo? Sei un ATEO altro che..."

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Ma ancor più clamoroso, Sgarbi afferma che il paradosso è stato confermato: “Non prevedevo che l’avrebbe confermato Francesco stesso domenica“. Come?… 더보기
Amici, questo però è un classico caso "DA CHE PULPITO VIENE LA PREDICA !" ;-)
The “party girls” told newspapers that the two weeks with the Sisters had been life-changing.

‘Party girls’ sent to live in convent for reality TV show | CatholicHerald.co.uk

Sister Frances Ridler said the programme was an ‘honest portrayal’ of religious life and would be ‘good for the Church’
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Cardinal Reinhard Marx says Liturgiam authenticam a "dead end"

German bishops abandon controversial Missal translation

German bishops abandon controversial Missal translation 09 October 2017 | by Christa Pongratz-Lippitt Cardinal Reinhard Marx says Liturgiam authenti…
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Paganism in reality - without Western romanticism

Absurd Madurai temple ritual; bare-chested girls ‘worshipped’ like Goddesses

In an extremely absurd ritual of a temple in Madurai city in Tamil Nadu, young girls are obligated to live bare-chested and spend 15 days in the …
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some people complain that european conquers brought misery no argument there thy als brought the Gospel other things ,to indian people > the Indians … 더보기
"I think that priesthood in U.S. culture has become less an ontological condition mediated by a sacrament and more of a practical and functional way of church leadership and representation."

I became a priest 50 years ago. Here’s how the perception of priesthood has changed

We have seen an epochal change in the image of a Catholic priest in North America.
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