Jesuit General: Pope Has "No Jurisdiction" For the Church Worldwide

The Devil a symbol he told ya.
Yet now he speaks through ArSosa!
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Synod Fathers Vote To an Audio Translation of Final Document

How are these elderly men supposed to listen for hours and to vote effectively without a proper document to study? Who is ensuring the accuracy of the audio translations?

The Apostate Omella believes that Bergoglio is creating "new types of families"

The drum beats on and on
The perverts sing their song
The youth they groom
To certain doom
Begone! Sick satan throng!
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An anecdote of Pope Francis after his election

Given what we now know, it would be reasonable to conclude that that old Cardinal was being made a object of use to portray a false humility. He was just a useful tool. You can't disregard tradition to make life easier or to relieve suffering. To do so simply makes life more chaotic and causes much more suffering in the end. Any old cardinal worth his salt would embrace his cross with delight as … More
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Recognition of ‘other forms of family’ called for by Youth Synod small group led by Cdl. Cupich

Where are the two perverts caught in an act of gross indecency that he suspended? Remember the two perverts who did not seem to mind getting caught just a few days after Cardinal Cupich created a storm by describing the abuse crisis "a rabbit hole" that should not distract from environmental issues? Are Catholic faithful still paying these perverts a salary? Has Cardinal Cupich began a canonical … More

Pope St John XXIII

Ahhhh remember Fr Manny pretending to cry, trying to convince us of the wonderful cult of John XXIII that no one seemed to know about

Brisbane Archbishops Explicitly Rejects Kingship of Christ

The Bishop an Arch of Brisbane
A speaker of comments inane
Of Christ who is King
He knows not a thing
And proves himself clearly insane.
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Bishop Wants to “Save Christianity From Catholicism”

In saner days without the smog
A man like this the Church would flog

Upon his strings the bore doth strum
His silly songs with words so dumb
Good bye old man your stinking fruit
Would rot the strings of any lute!