This was the hospital, Francis needed money from the Papal Foundation

How obscure Italian hospital became the eye of a global storm

Against all odds, an obscure dermatological institute in Rome has become a lightning rod for tensions inside the Vatican, inside the U.S. Catholic …
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Twitter Apologizes for Censoring User Calling Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group

Banned initially for 11 hours, the penalty was subsequently increased to a week.
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Only Christians and white men can be attacked by anyone, anytime, anywhere. However the thought police will shut you down if you dare criticize Jews … More
4 566

Francis Smiling at Bransfield, accused of "inappropriate [gay] conduct"

US Catholic Journalist Patrick Coffin published on Twitter (September 18) a picture of Pope Francis smiling at Michael Bransfield. In September 2018, Bransfield resigned effective immediately, faced … More
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why are they constantly laughing in photographs, they have been accused of the most serious crimes yet they find it all funny? I don't understand … More
A bunch of strange fellows.

Archbishop Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was A Crime

On May 23, 2014 the current Archbishop of St. Louis Robert Carlson gave sworn testimony under oath as part of a civil lawsuit involving a man, Doe 1, sexually abused as a child by former priest … More
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You cannot be convicted of a crime based on what you should know or what you did know when you say you didn't know. But it should certainly get you … More
he is senile

Troubling: "I'm a Candidate to be a Jesuit . . . and I'm gay"

"One thing I know about being gay and being Catholic is that closets, secrets, and scapegoating help no one."
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If what you are saying is you intend to engage in sodomy I pray for you. You are not free.
Carlos Barquin
Truth is, if the man believes he is attracted to men, he has no business in the priesthood. He won't be an alter-Christus

Hungary Defends Its Rights - Against You, Too, If Necessary

: "Hungary shall continue to defend its borders, stop illegal immigration and defend its rights – against you, too, if necessary." Viktor Orbán's speech in the European Parliament against the Sargent… More
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Hungarian is a disgusting and ugly language! He wants to lead his country into a new dictatorship under the cover of seemingly Christian values. In … More
Joseph a' Christian
Almighty God Loves His faithful sons and daughters in Hungary! Jesus Lord, strengthen thy faithful ones! Our Christ Is King! More
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Just a way to generate some doorstop report about reporting procedures by the Protector of Paedophiles Everywhere, paedo Conciliar priest, I mean.
Didn’t know he resigned?

Bishop Schneider Dublin Family Conference MP4

ishop Schneider’s video message for the Lumen Fidei Institute Conference of Catholic Families, Dublin, Aug. 23
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Holy and Courageous and good Bishop. A Man of TRUTH.
Another Francis pick. Arrested in March this year for embezzling $600,000 Resignation as bishop accepted today.

Brazilian bishop arrested, accused of stealing $600,000

A bishop and several other Church officials have been arrested in Brazil, accused of stealing around $600,000 from the faithful.
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Dr Bobus
He was stealing not only money from the people but also as a Modernist their faith (and reason).
Don Reto Nay
He may be a thief but he is a modernist, that's what counts. Before being appointed to Formosa, Ronaldo served for seven years as bishop of Janaúba, … More

How did these men gain control of our Church?

Here's a short clip from a 2014 deposition by Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis, in a priest child sex abuse case.
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alex j
"Memories are made of this!"..........[Dean Martin]...excerpt that is.

Priest removed from parish for clear, honest sermon about The Present Crisis | Fr. Z's Blog

This is how it is going to be, my friends. I am told that a priest, Fr. Juan Carlos Gavancho, was given the heave-ho from his parish in Santa Barbara…
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How dare he tell the truth. That will not be tolerated!
De Profundis
Fr. Juan Carlos Gavancho in his final homily: "There are more things to say but I don't say it. Because I want to be here next week" (applause). As … More
Pope Francis faces worst crisis of his five-year papacy. Painful legacy of sexual abuse cover-up is engulfing church and its leader, as allegations divide Vatican

Pope Francis faces worst crisis of his five-year papacy

Painful legacy of sexual abuse cover-up is engulfing church and its leader, as allegations divide Vatican
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GJA Taylor
No one does more harm to the Church than this very bad pope.
Mother Theresa worshiped at ecumenical services. She was known to pray to the budda and to hindu gods as well as to our Lord and Saviour Jesus … More
A few months old (04/2018), but Rosica's Basilians are having some financial woes.

Toronto Jury delivers judgment of $2,570,181 which includes $500,000 in punitive damages against …

PRESS RELEASE Jury Punishes Catholic Church Today a Toronto civil jury delivered a judgment in the total sum of $2,570,181 which included $500,000 …
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Viganò sprang Kim Davis on pope against the wishes of +Wuerl & +Kurtz

Viganò's latest statement part of concerted campaign to attack papacy

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former nuncio to the United States, is a prickly sort of man. He offered his 11-page dossier and pretended it was …
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De Profundis
But who would believe Michael Sean Winters?

Francis Holding Hands of a Gay Activist

Don Ciotti & Francis (of course it was only a pro-homosexual activist he was holding the hand of)
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alex j
"Oh yeah I tell you somethin' I think you'll understand When I say that somethin' I want to hold your hand I want to hold your hand I want to hold … More
angry bob
I quit holding my dads hand when I was 3. I can tell you I haven't held a mans hand since. Just creepy.

Francis Embraces Teenager

Francis puts his head on (then 16 year old) Juan Francisco Taborda's shoulder at Luna Park. Taborda was then and still is a Seventh-day Adventist.
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Valiant Woman
sick bastard
Does not this pic of Francis remind you of these Vatican individuals..
"The allegations lodged by Archbishop Viganò involving Pope Francis are substantive, and need to be investigated in a prompt and just manner.”

Bishop Tobin calls for investigation of Pope Francis

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is calling for an investigation of Pope Francis amid allegations that the pope …
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Francis Mouthpiece, "The Pope Draws Energy From Conflict"

Antonio Spadrao writing on the Viganò statement.
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Francis must be careful that he does not draw energy from Satan.
Dr Bobus
Francis seems to draw more strength from bishops who have protected priest predators. At any rate, he obviously doesn't draw strength from doctrine. More