In Germany, the bishops claim the power to deny Catholics the sacraments, even a Christian burial, if they don’t pay their Church tax; but they are apparently happy to hand out the sacraments to … More

What’s wrong with the German bishops’ statement on intercommunion |

Canon law does not envisage the ongoing reception of Communion by someone who remains Protestant
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Sunamis 46
It´s a proof for their corruption that only Catholics have to pay church taxes for a sacrament (valid?), not the Protestants. The enforced church … More
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See how Twitter plans to "ban a way of talking"

Is the Twitter Lock Out what Twitter Trust & Safety Manager Olinda Hassan said they're "working on" in order to "get the shitty people to not show up?"
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These people and what and who they represent are nothing in comparison to the power of our Lord Jesus Christ
We Catholics are considered "shitty people".

Major Protestant YouTube Star Announces She’s Converting to Catholicism

YouTube star Lizzie Estella Reezay of the YouTube channel LizziesAnswers has announced that she’s converting from Protestantism to Catholicism. “I want everyone to know that I hated that this was … More
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God bless you, Lizzy, and protects you from the current wolves in the Church
Lisi Sterndorfer
@mccallansteve if she chooses Novus Ordo Church she could have staid (or is still) Protestant.
"That's not Catholic" - Bp. Paprocki responds to sinister USCCB brief unilaterally urging gov't to force people to join pro-death, anti-catholic labor unions

Statement of Bishop Thomas John Paprocki Regarding USCCB General Counsel’s Legal Brief in the U.S. …

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFebruary 13, 2018 For more information:Marlene Mulford: Office:(217) 698-8500Cell: (217) 622-4996Email: Statement of Bishop …
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Catholic mother sentenced to jail for baptizing her daughter.

North Carolina mom begins serving jail sentence for baptizing daughter

A North Carolina mom has started serving a week-long jail sentence for getting her daughter baptized, according to reports.
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Uncle Joe
Stocks (the baby mama) demonstrated “very erratic, bizarre conduct” during her relationship with Schaaf (the baby daddy) The baby mama appears to … More
Dr Stuart Reiss
The headline is grossly this from the article - “Schaff’s attorney told the Charlotte Observer that Stocks was being punished, … More

How Bergoglio fired a Curial employee in Buenos Aires

In El Verdadero Francisco, the author Omar Bello relates the following dialogue regarding a Curial employee Cardinal Bergoglio wanted fired when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires: “You have to throw …
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Deliver us from all that is evil Lord Jesus Amen. More
Porn has become a threat to society. It normalizes what’s bestial, it distorts the moral imagination, it destroys true love. Like any product, porn can be regulated and controlled if we only will it.… More

Opinion | Let’s Ban Porn

An immodest proposal for the era of #MeToo.
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Roberto 55
Let's ban.
Joseph a' Christian
True, porn is destruktive. It has bekome normalized bekause, as you know, many nations have turned away from Almighty God. Here in the states, the … More
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Blažený, kto sa na Cirkvi nepohorší. Dnes je medzi ľuďmi mnoho nenávisti (a očistec preto praská vo švíkoch), veď je aj napísané, že vychladne láska … More
Rím je dávno v apostáze, takže šetrime si komentáre ....
CNS is fooling Catholics. Marx is clearly saying that whether or not a same sex marriage can be 'blessed' should be up to the couple and the pastor, i.e. that there should be no universal regulation … More

German cardinal urges pastoral care, but not ‘blessing’ of gay couples

By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service ROME (CNS) — The president of the German bishops’ conference urged priests to provide better pastoral care to …
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cardinal marx sin is a sin everywhere in the world


An "illegal" underground Mass on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15, 1929, when the Holy Mass and the Sacraments were outlawed and priests became enemies of the State, … More
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altese, Germans, Argentinians and now Braga. “Patently and gravely wrong.”

Sometimes one side is simply right and the other side is simply wrong

That’s the situation here. It doesn’t matter what reasons might be offered by the storied Archdiocese of Braga for its plan to authorize the admini…
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WE catholics have to resist this tendency ,and other bishops of good will have to confront them with the Truth
Liliane Ploumen announces - decorated by Pope Francis - a new worldwide abortion offensive. She calls for a SheDecides Day, to crush the “continued opposition” against abortion.

Opinion: The 'global gag rule' is devastating for women. Here's how we're fighting back.

Dutch Labour MP Lilianne Ploumen charts the success and looks to the future of She Decides, a global movement to counter the global gag rule's …
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Joseph a' Christian
This witch has written such a pathetik, deseitful, piese of propaganda. 1) She asserts that we amerikans should kontinue to pay for the world's abort… More

Blowout of Papal Car in Lima

Accident in Lima, Pope Francis changed the car
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what about walking ?,a good way to show how to save the earth ,from global warming
Jim Dorchak
Ahhhh,,,,,,, Hello UBER! Yea we need a Prius to come pick up the Pope our battery went dead in our Spark!
The case of Barros and its handling is mysterious.

Pope Accuses Sex Abuse Victims in Chile of Slandering Bishop

Pope Francis’ defense of a bishop accused of protecting a pedophile priest cast a shadow over a trip meant to repair the Catholic Church’s image.
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Only a few years ago bishops in Ireland (one ordained me) were stepping down from their sees for far less. How come these guys (there's more than … More

Major Conference Planned on Divisions in Church, Papal Infallibility

The international meeting in Rome, one of the last wishes of the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, is due to take place in April. One of the late Cardina…
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The question is whether remaining outnumbered and weakened Hierarchical Catholic resistance is capable to refute the most dangerous heresy in … More

Look at Greg Burke's face defending Francis' Air-Wedding

Vatican News on Twitter: "Pope Francis performed on Thursday the first-ever papal marriage ceremony aboard the plane bound for Iquique, the final day of his Apostolic Visit to Chile! Greg Burke, … More
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Joseph a' Christian
@Jim Dorchak Unless Bergoglio makes an announcement that this wedding is amoris latetia in aktion, then kongratulates the bride on her third marriag… More
Jim Dorchak
Wonderful! They now are No longer living in Sin! Now they can go to confession and then......... if in a state of grace........... receive communion. … More
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you mean Sodom and Gonorrhea...
Sunamis 46
I never knew that some american women just would do anything for money I am happy to be catholic and german More