Fr. Relyea on the abortion-tained jab and apostacy!

Fr. Relyea pulls no punches on this situation (as usual):…r.-isaac-relyea-a-real-solution-for-our-times.html We should not compromise with evil. Let's trust in God, not man's study of …

Governor suing Biden over jab mandates!

Gov. DeSantis will be suing the Biden Administration over the jab mandates.…in-over-vaccine-mandate-vows-to-defend-businesses/ If all Catholics, united in the true faith and arme…

India stopped COVID-19 by Ivermectin!

Dr. Hope explained back in June 2021 that India stopped COVID-19 via Ivermectin:…/article_6a3be6b2-c31f-11eb-836d-2722d2325a08.html Stop the lies and love the truth and turn …

Our Lady of Ransom -- Christians enslaved.

In the 12th Century, Our Lady of Ransom appeared to three different people asking them to help free the Christians enslaved by Muslims (Islam allows Muslim men to rape their captive women -- those …

60% of new COVID cases are of the fully "vaccinated!"

St. Thomas said there is no argument against a fact (which is one reason satan has to lie and deceive). The fact is that 60% of the new COVID cases are of the fully vaccinated. Why? The mRNA jabs

Part II: MERS, the next pandemic!

Part II: The next pandemic wiping out those who have taken the jab, as the jab destroys the immune system:…-skin-penetrating-nanoparticle-spike-proteins.html Let us turn to God and …

Abortion-Tainted Food -- The Test


Stew Peters interviews Dr. Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko on treating COVID and the fallacy of the jab: How many doctors does it take to wake people up? Let's turn to God for help.

Australia's COVID guarantine camps are death camps!

Australia's COVID quarantine camps where people who resist are told they will be "gassed": Educate yourself regarding the biological warfare …

Let us exhort our bishops to take up their crosses.

Let us perform an act of mercy. Dear Most Reverend ______: The MOST vulnerable humans are the unborn. Yet, many bishops are advocating and requiring the toxic and abortion-tainted (cell lines and …

Jonah is in town. Join him at noon every day.

It is time to cry out to God with prayer and fasting/penance, asking God to save us from our sins, from the coronaviruses and from the toxic, aborted baby tainted jabs: (

Bishop Schneider warns the mandatory aborted-baby jab starts the apocalypse!

We must resist, even accepting martyrdom.…-the-beginning-of-the-apocalypse-bishop-schneider/ Fight euthanasia and abortion (spiritual warfare): Finishing with Faith: Bless…

Follow the [COVID] Money: Plandemic II Documentary


Religious Exemption Certificate -- The jab

The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima, which is approved and overseen by Athanasius Bishop Schneider, gives its members a signed (by Bishop Schneider) exemption certificate for employers that …

Know the truth about Islam -- The Taliban enforces true Islam.

Islam is no religion of peace. Islam means submission, not peace. The Mahdi (messiah) of Islam is the anti-Christ of the Bible, and, according to Islam, will only appear when there is worldwide …

Doctor states 60 percent of jabbed will die of heart failure

The jab is euthanasia, a mortal sin, if done knowingly and willingly:…eart-failure-from-mrna-jabs-will-kill-most-people/ Pray Rosaries against euthanasia:…

Rosaries Against Euthanasia (e.g., the jab)

This is spiritual war! Please pray for those who are going to die from the bioweapon shots and ask Mary to bind the demons of euthanasia:

COVID bioweapon shots comprehensively broken down

A doctor and a pharmaceutical consultant examine the COVID bioweapon shots:…ndrew-kaufman-camelotdaily-must-video-3040922.html Join us praying at noon every day:

Vaccinated people have hijacked immune systems.

Those who have had the original COVID shots and then exposed to new strains (such as Delta) will have a dangerous hyper-immune reaction:…

Dr. Fleming on COVID shots being biological weaponry!

Dr. Fleming on how the COVID shots are biological weaponry and crimes against humanity: Catholics know to call out to God (not science) to save …