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Hahaha! WOW. Years in the making and the media was silent!

Alle protestieren gegen Trump; welche Meinung hatten Obama und Clinton zu illegaler Einwanderung?
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The partnership of the Left works as the hypocrisy of the elites engages the ignorance of their followers. 'Dumbing down' is the name of the game.
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Aborto? No, grazie!
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Gloria Dio Padre
@Walter, un conoscente impegnato fortemente nella no 194 mi ha raccontato che ci sono satanisti massoni ginecologi che appena nascono i bimbi li … More
Ci sono molti satanisti e assassini di bambini che stanno esultando per le parole di Bergoglio.... non è un pentimento ma un'assoluzione peccaminos… More
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He who laughs last.....
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i hope this election tought people a few lessons
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Thank God for answering our prayers!

R.I.P. Mainstream Media

Lied, Cheated and Overplayed their Hand by The Patriot Post More
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Great picture
Lets not buy or invest in any of these mainstream media ,because ,you dont want to give them life