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Political Will: Hungarian Family Policy Shows Fantastic Results

In Hungary, the number of abortions has fallen sharply as a conquence of government programs who promote the family, according to the Hungarian family minister Katalin Novak. At the same time the number of divorces has dropped an the number of marriages augmented:


Abortions: 50.600
Divorces: 28.500
Marriages: 18.600

Abortions: 40.449
Divorces: 23.873
Marriages: 35.520

Hungary has low fees for kindergartens, free school textbooks, tax benefits and low-cost services for families, household subsidies, free summer camps for children.

This resulted in a +63.8% net profit in the home budget of families compared to 2010, after years of Socialist anti-family misgovernment.

Picture: Katalin Novak, © Arno Mikkor, CC BY, #newsJciouuhizm