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Cardinal Bernardin: Pandora’s Box Reopens

Matt Abbott re-published on (August 11) a twenty-year old article, originally published in the newsletter of the now-defunct group Roman Catholic Faithful. It tells the story of a now married woman called “Agnes” who in 1957 was allegedly raped by Father Joseph Bernardin (+1996) when she was 11 years old.

Agnes testified her story in a sworn deposition, in accounts to investigators, in affidavits submitted in support of others' cases, in direct statements to Bernardin, in phone calls and letters to Church officials, and in correspondence with the Vatican.

The alleged rape was part of a satanic ritual involving among others, then Charleston Bishop John Russell (+1993). Agnes was brought to the ritual by her abusive father. She first resisted Bishop Russell. Bernardin then showed kindness in order to gain her trust and then raped her. He then fed her a host in an attempt to make her swallow the “guilt of the event”.

In 1990 Agnes told her story to Malachi Martin who incorporated it in his novel Windswept House.

In 1992, Agnes passed a polygraph examination regarding the crime.

The article also mentions a former seminarian who stated that he had forced sexual contact with Bernardin and later received a cash settlement.

Under John Paul II, ultra-liberal Bernardin was the leading U.S. prelate who controlled the episcopal conference and the appointment of new bishops.

Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin called him in July "the great Joseph Bernardin" who was a "great shepherd but then, above all, he suffered so much."

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GJA Taylor
Card Parolin needs to be sacked for being so incompetent as a liar , if nothing else. What a disgrace of an excuse for a pointy hat. Almighty God have mercy on us all.
Joseph a' Christian
@eticacasanova - Wojtyla was supposed to be a Catholic Pope. Instead he flew around the world promoting religious indifference ( prayer for peace blasphemy, with numerous heretiks & satanists, 1986 Assisi, was one of his horrors) & we now know that he allowed homosexuals to cruelly abuse our young men and children.
Christ Is Holy.
"Under John Paul II, ultra-liberal Bernardin was the leading U.S. prelate who controlled the episcopal conference and the appointment of new bishops", you say. What you omit is very serious, because it speaks volumes of a not very right intension and will, honestoy, on your part. I read the article and this is its last paragraph: "In June 1998, RCF interviewed a Chicago businessman whose son was … More
Dr Bobus
Bernardin was named to Chicago in July 1982. His reign as US bishop maker, which existed before 1982, began to end in Jan 1984 with the appointment of O'Connor to New York.

Bernardin had wanted his man Abp Kelly of Louisville to take over NY, but JPII & Laghi said no.

Kelly was a complete sellout. He was a Dominican who had studied St Thomas, did an STL in moral theology, then canon law. As … More