Abuse Hoax: “The Bishops Are Only Worried About Looking Good"

Lifting prescription has shifted the burden of proof to priests accused of “sexual abuse,” (February 9) writes.

The most recent release by the U.S. Bishops found that 54% (!) of the allegations received between July 2018, and June 2019 were not credible. The rest is not decided yet.

Falsely accused priests have recently gone to court in San Diego, St. Louis, New Orleans, Omaha, Nebraska, and Youngstown, Ohio. More are coming.

Detroit Father Eduard Perrone (pictured) won a $125,000 settlement against a detective who fabricated a report of a rape claim.

Now cleared Buffalo Father Roy Herberger filed a 2020 defamation case against a man who falsely accused him after Buffalo diocese had offered money for “abuse victims.”

Defence attorney Christopher Kolomjec says that the bishops don’t protect the rights of priests, “The Church is just worried about looking good."

Peter Tilem, a White Plains defense attorney, has been inundated with calls since new laws make it easier to accuse. He has turned down at least ten “sex abuse clients” whose cases seemed "shady."

"The courts are getting flooded with cases, it's hard to separate opportunists from real victims," he said, "There's no barrier preventing someone from saying that someone did something to them 40 years ago."

"In the US Church, there's a presumption of guilt," added Las Vegas attorney Robert Flummerfelt, "As the Church is under pressure to be tough on abusers, many priests feel like they are being thrown under the bus."