Only Now? Benedict "Concerned" About Church In Germany

Meetings between Francis and Benedict usually take place in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery, and are “extremely confidential,” Archbishop Georg Gänswein told AlfaYOmega.es (April 9).

He never dared to ask either of them about the content of their talks, Gänswein mystifies. However, knowing Francis, the talks must be rather superficial and insignificant.

Gänswein explains that it is "abundantly clear" for Benedict that the situation of the German Church "is currently characterised by tensions and confusions that are a source of concern." He adds that Benedict XVI "is aware" of this situation.

The frail Benedict perceives and recognises the “lack of unity” in many “fundamental aspects of the faith,” Gänswein says but he doesn't explain why Benedict XVI never made any serious effort to change this while he was still pope, a fact which calls to mind the Spanish proverb, "Do not weep like a woman for what you could not defend as a man.”

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsSqwotikghc