Synod: Frank Francis Wants "Pontifical Secret"

Francis wants to apply the "pontifical secret" to all discussions during the upcoming synod, writes La-Croix.com (September 13). The counter-intuitive justification for this is to “ensure frankness” [=censorship]. The provision is included in a draft of the internal regulations. The secrecy would cover the opinions expressed by each member of the assembly, the results of the votes, and the subjects discussed. Church history teaches that the "pontifical secret" has always been an incentive to spread an information more quickly.

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-SA, #newsGyccthhlmp

“For there is nothing hid, which shall not be made manifest: neither was it made secret, but that it may come abroad.”
Saint Mark 4:22
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Just the fact that Francis wants to apply the "Pontifical Secrete" to the proceedings of his Synod implies that he and his homo crew have something devious and even diabolical up their sleeves. I hope any "secret" discussions of a nature that would harm the tradition of the Church is exposed and the tsunami of opposition to it explodes in Francis face, destroying any of his well laid plans.