Mass-Immigration: Three Cardinals Push for False “Mercy” and “Love”

The Cardinals Hollerich, Krajewski and Czerny wrote a letter (below) to the EU Episcopal Conferences urging them to accept more economic immigrants.

They present their move as “mercy” and “love,” although their initiative doesn’t help "the poor", but economic refugees able to pay human traffickers who bring them to Europe.

The "poor" are left back, while childless Europe steals the youth of poor countries.

Picture: Michael Czerny © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsKnfknuovca

When you three retire I am going to write a letter to you urging acceptance of migrants into your retirement palaces. You can sleep in the maid services quarters.
The conciliar mercy is that of the devil himself, in other words, mercy-zero!
Why don't they talk about the poor natives of their countries, often forgotten because of the always present "help" to immigrants?
Thors Catholic Hammer
These thug cardinals are just henchmen of antipope francis who work to destroy Europe.
The antipope has been very clear that he despises and rejects all laws seeking to regulate international migration of peoples.
The Vatican City statelet itself has a zero immigration policy.