Anti-Life Criminality: Rome Headquarters Damaged

On 20 May, the entrance to the Rome office of 'Pro Vita & Famiglia', an organisation promoting fundamental human rights, was vandalised with extremist slogans promoting transvestite propaganda.

Jacopo Coghe of 'Pro Vita &Famiglia' links the vandalism to a demonstration by transvestite extremists that took place in Rome on Saturday 18 May.

He explains that these violent groups demand "respect" but do not show respect for others, constantly attacking the common sense, the right of expression and the existence of those who criticise their propaganda.

In the last three years, the 'Pro Vita &Famiglia' office has suffered more than ten (!) attacks, often coinciding with demonstrations by this type of street hooligans. One example was on 25 November, when the office of the human rights activists suffered an attack with broken windows, broken shutters and the throwing of an incendiary device, which only by chance did not explode.

The Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, a member of the successor organisation to the former Communist Party ("Partito Democratico"), has never expressed solidarity with the human rights activists, which means that he is on the other side.

For Coghe, this shows that under the current regime in Italy there is "no freedom of expression of thought" if it differs from the regime's propaganda.


Ann Smith
God must come, the only way to clean up this world. Have mercy, oh Lord🙏