Marxist Government Defends Controversial Cardinal Elect

Bolivia's deputy minister of Decolonisation, Félix Cárdenas has defended Cardinal elect Toribio Porco Ticona who is accused of having wife and children, “Why do they bring up the question whether he has a partner?”

He added, “We have complaints about many priests who have a partner, who have children, about pedophiles and we have always treated this subject very delicately with reservation.”

Cárdenas then suggested that Ticona is a victim of “discrimination” or “racism” because he “is an Indio”.

Then Cárdenas engaged in “racism” himself saying that now it remains to be seen if the “white priests, that is to say, the ecclesial hierarchy” will accept Ticona as a cardinal or whether the “Indios” will do so.

Last week Bolivian anti-Church President Evo Morales defended Ticona who is his supporter. Morales even called Ticona “a friend”.

Picture: Toribio Porco Ticona, © CEB, #newsDqkuiahsli
Roberto 55
I didn't know, that in Peru they have "ministry of de-colonization". Now they are trying "decolonize" people from the Church and catholic faith...
BTW, it's very stupid argument regarding racism and "indio". Better: cardinal husband and indio...
Jim Dorchak
As a general rule I think that it is important to NOT trust any ecclesiastic, especially ones with power. I also believe that a communist can not be trusted either..... especially those in power. Two strikes against the good Cardinal before we got to his wife and kids. I wonder how they feel about his denial?