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PDF Download • “Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays” by Dom Lefevbre (2,007 pages)…ys-by-dom-lefevbre-2007-pages/

Jeff Ostrowski · February 16, 2021

VERY DAY, IT SEEMS we hear news of exciting liturgical projects! On Sunday, Father Friel revealed a “TLM Magnificat Magazine” being launched by SOPHIA INSTITUTE PRESS. In a moment, I’m going to tell you about a 2,007 page hand-missal by Dom Lefevbre now available as a free PDF file. Furthermore, we have received electrifying news regarding the 3rd edition of the Saint Edmund Campion Missal; this website has all the detials. In a nutshell, SOPHIA INSTITUTE PRESSwill soon release a new version of the Campion Missal which has been in development for four years: and the improvements are mind-blowing. If anyone is interested in proofreading the 3rd edition, please write to this email address.

Now, let me share with you a terrific PDF file: “The Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays” (1925), produced by Dom Pierre Gaspar Lefebvre (d. 1966). The book has a double IMPRIMATUR: (1) The Abbat of Saint Andrew’s Abbey (Bruges, Belgium); (2) Most Rev’d Daniel A. Dowling (d. 1930), Archbishop of the “Twin Cities” (Minnesota). Whoever scanned this massive book did a fabulous job:

* PDF Download • Dom Lefevbre Hand-Missal (2,007 pages)
—Dom Pierre Gaspar Lefevbre’s Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays (1925).

Before downloading, feel free to view sample pages. Notice how—similar to the scores on the Saint René Goupil Website—English translations are provided underneath the Latin Gregorian Chant:
I have a 1940 version with updates of Feasts from 1947. Apart from the Irish and that supplements, it is identical to the 1945 version usually available as a reprint. It is a great missal.