Diocese Erects Shrine Of "Rosa Mistica", Refuses To Recognise Apparitions

Brescia Bishop Pierantonio Tremolada, Italy, erected in Montichiari the Marian Shrine of “Maria Rosa Mistica - Madre della Chiesa” (Mary Mystical Rose – Mother of the Church).

Three thousand people attended the December 7 ceremony, reports

Montichari is known for alleged Marian apparitions (1947-1976) to the seer Pierina Gilli who claimed that Our Lady appeared to her with three roses, a white, red and golden one. Gilli designed a statue that became somewhat famous.

Already in 1950, the local bishop dismissed Gilli's claims. Until 1997, the bishops of Brescia repeated that the apparitions aren't credible.

Many Catholics claim that their personal Rosa Mystica statue shows supernatural phenomena like shedding tears, oil or blood.

Bishop Tremolada didn't recognise the apparitions but accepted the name "Rosa Mystica" connected with them.

Picture: Pierina Gilli, Rosa Mistica, #newsPvrtuqhnqg