Austrian Nuncio: German Bishops Are "A Shame"

The Apostolic Nuncio to Austria, Swiss born Archbishop Peter Zurbriggen, criticised in a lecture in Heiligenkreuz Abbey on May 1 the German bishops for rebuking the Bavarian prime minister who ordered to hang up crosses in public buildings.

Zurbriggen did not name the main culprit, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, by name.

But his words were clear, “As Nuncio and representative of the Holy Father, I am saddened and ashamed that - when crosses are erected in a neighbouring country [of Austria] – it is precisely the bishops and priests who criticise this decision. What a shame! This is not acceptable.”

Zurbriggen earned applause for his words.

Picture: Peter Stephan Zurbriggen, #newsShapwvhofg