Matthew Parris says the quiet part out loud about euthanasia: “we simply cannot afford extreme senescence or desperate infirmity for as many such individuals as our society is producing.”
All Saints
What will it take for the USbishops to formally excommunicate this demon? His rabid promotion of Abortion didn’t do it. Will this?
English Catholic
@All Saints He's not a Catholic, he's an atheist. Excommunication would mean nothing to him. He was born in South Africa to British parents, and lives in England and Spain, so I doubt if the US bishops would get involved with his views. He is a co-founder of the 'gay rights' charity Stonewall, and the UK bishops have never spoken against him, to the best of my knowledge.
Perhaps he should take his own advice and hurry along his own demise. See what a personally controlled and initiated “hasty” death feels like for himself. The world might be a better place afterward.
English Catholic
@HerzMariae Matthew Parris - a self confessed atheist homosexual.