Brazilian Priest Removed After Performing Protestant Eucharist

Father Jose Pedrini, a Missionary of St. Charles Borromeo, was removed as the pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Jundiai, Brazil, because he "concelebrated" with Francisco Leite, a Protestant minister, on Ash Wednesday (video below).

Leite belongs to the United Presbyterian Church of Brazil. He read a section of the Eucharistic Prayer and received Holy Communion.

Pedrini’s removal was announced by Jundiaí Bishop Vicente Costa on February 20. He explained that such an "active participation" by a non-Catholic minister “is not permitted by the norms of our Church.”

Costa reacted probably because the video of the liturgical scandal went viral on self-promotion media causing “diverse and completely opposite reactions,” as he put it.


My compliment to Bishop Costa. Whatever his motivations, he drew the line at this travesty.
Probably thought well everything looks very similar. As it was designed by the Vatican. Why not? Wouldn’t happen with the Old Latin Mass.
Good bye dear priest.