Archbishop Viganò: Francis Serves as Catwalk For A “Satanic Plan”

When speaking about "all religions," Francis apparently includes paganism and idolatry, Whistleblower Archbishop Viganò told (November 6).

For Viganó this is consistent with Francis' aberrant Abu Dhabi declaration that alleges that "God wills all religions."

Viganó observes that Francis personally practiced the Pachamama cult in the Vatican gardens, in St Peter’s Basilica and during the Synod’s closing Mass by placing an idolatrous plant on the altar.

He calls this Pachamama show “an initiatory rite of the new religion” in order to align the Church with anti-human and anti-Christian strategies that dominate the globalist scene and are supported by those in power.

According to Viganò, a “satanic plan” is unfolding to change the Catholic religion, and Francis “serves as a catwalk to ferry what remains of the Catholic edifice towards an indistinct Universal Religion” and a "worldwide and stateless Pantheon.”


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God bless Archbishop Viganò
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