Francis' Next Heresy: Jesus "Becomes Bread”

The Eucharist is “Jesus who becomes bread,” and contains the "entire reality of the Church,” Pope Francis claimed in his June 23 Corpus Christi homily.

He went on alleging that we find in the Eucharist God himself "contained in a piece of bread.” These formulations are profoundly heretical.

It is true that the Bible calls the Eucharist “breaking of bread”, “bread of the angels” or “bread of heaven.” However, it is wrong to state that “Jesus becomes bread" - even a first year theology student knows this.

The heretical concept pronounced by Francis is called “impanation.” It denies transubstantiation and is usually explained with the wrong statement that “God has become bread.” Transsubstantiation is the changing of the bread’s substance into the substance of Christ's body effectuated by the consecration during Mass.

In addition, the Church cannot be identified with the Eucharist as Francis did.

Gesù è con noi
St. Thomas Aquinas explains that heresy is : "A species of unbelief belonging to those who profess the Christian Faith but corrupt its Dogmas." (Summa Th., II-II Q. 11. Art. 1) ✍️
Bergoglio from Argentina did not profess the Catholic faith where he was already an apostate, for that reason Back then he also allowed the Eucharistic Sacrilege to the adulterers and sodomites.
Dr Bobus
Theology (or even catechetics) is not Francis' schtick.
Thank you, Gloria.tv.