Will the synod be authentic? This real question is coming forward amidst confusion over changing rules, talk of "deciding as they go along" whether participants will be able to vote.

Analysis: Will bishops push for clarity on the synod’s procedural rules? |

Two weeks in, decisions about the synod’s rules have still not been announced
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alex j
The whole 'circus' is a distraction from the real problem of sexual deviants in the church, so of course the "clowns " will circus-vent anyway they … More

Has Pope Francis led priests and faithful into a trap?

Cardinal Wuerl and Pope Francis In the height of the regurgitated sex abuse scandal, Pope Francis appeared to encourage Cardinal Wuerl to go to the shepherds in his care, listen to them intently, …
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@Dr Bobus silly comment, Wuerl had already resigned when he reached mandatory retirement age at 75 Francis simply accepted it now, three years … More
@GTVisrockin Franky has already canonised him.

Pope Francis is at the center of Church’s current crisis

Fr. James V. Schall October 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The biggest crisis in the Catholic Church right now is not whether bishops, cardinals or priests are sinners, a noted priest and author said. It …
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alex j
What? a Jesuit questioning Francis! That is good news. Pity the priest in question is a retired Jesuit.

What if...

From Fr. Paul Schenck, Twitter: What if 300 priests had procured 1000 abortions? Would something have been done?
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This is very good news!

Court Sides With Doctor Fired for Refusing to Do Abortions

On 11 October 2018, the Supreme Court of Norway set a new precedent on conscientious objection and freedom of conscience in the medical profession. …
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alex j
Well done Norway!!!!!

And now, for the weather...

Beyond a doubt, the best weather video you will ever see. Wait for it!... More
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2000 clicks well done madam with the monkey on the back. In the past organ grinders were the only ones who carried monkeys to work.
loved it

Mass offered at abortuary

In the early morning hours this morning, a Mass was offered from the side of a van near and in view of a late-term abortion clinic. "Late term" means the baby is enough advanced that s/he likely coul… More
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lets pray for the end of abortion
Another photo...
I don't know the rest, but Dr. Helen Alvare, from everything I've seen, is excellent.

Pope names members for Vatican office for laity, family, life

Pope Francis named a new slate of members to the Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life.
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2.1 Kids: Stable Population

Great videos explaining that we are NOT over populated! From More
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Benny - These cops have the patience of Job. God bless them for their clam restraint being berated …

Displaced rage manifesting as rude stupidity. There is a lot more of this to come in the U.S. as the left encourages women to hold on to their anger and turn it into power. More
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A renovation that gives hope!

~Norwalk, Connecticut
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Hope? Nope! - as long as Bergoglio is "pope"!
Beautiful! Thanks be to God!

Fr. Martin’s Bridge to Nowhere - Crisis Magazine

"A Bridge to Nowhere" - what a great read! Please share! More
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Thanks, @mattsixteen24 . I hope this works.
I see audio clip. I don't see anything to read.

Learning to celebrate TLM at Detroit's Sacred Heart Seminary

Alex Begin ~ Twitter: The Franciscans of the Holy Spirit, a new religious order whose members study at Detroit's Sacred Heart Seminary, are learning to celebrate and serve the TLM Mass as a community… More
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Let's hope, they will not share the fate of the Franciscans of the Immaculate!

V is for Vigano!

~ from Nick Donnelly on Twitter
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Jim Dorchak
Love it!
Perhaps False Francis is going squirrel hunting with that slingshot. The devil’s klown. . Jesus Is Our Salvation, Our King. More
In some ways, not such a bad idea compared to what we're living...

Vatican To Allow Trump To Choose American Bishops

Image: Gage Skidmore The Vatican's recent agreement to give America say over bishop appointments has critics accusing the Church of caving in to the …
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Don Reto Nay
Trump would probably be an improvement compared to Pope Francis.
All of the successful science is with adult stem cells. Now adult stem cells are being used to treat the unborn.

Stem Cell Transplant to Treat the Unborn - Life Issues

Scientific breakthroughs with adult stem cells are happening every day. Unlike embryonic stem cells, ethical adult stem cells have already offered …
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