Priests and Seminarians Save Drowning Man (Video)

A tiki boat – a floating bar boat - with Paulist priests and seminarians from St. Joseph's Seminary in Washington D.C. on board recently saved Jimmy MacDonald from Albany who found himself floundering in the waters of Lake George in August in New York next to his capsized kayak.

MacDonald was in rough waters, without lifejacket, and panicked that he might die, “I was waving my hand and asked God to please help me," he said.

MacDonald told WNYT that he took the rescue as a “sign from God” that his life still has a purpose on earth.


If anyone is seeking God, know that the Beloved is seeking that person much more. ~ St. John of the Cross
Interesting how Catholic priests and seminarians choose to do their drinking at a pagan-themed "tiki" establishment. When a "Giger Bar" opens up in D.C. they'll fit right in. Gotta love the cocktail tables, eh?