Archbishop Defends Killer Working At Catholic Hospital

Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast has defended the appointment of James Downar.

Downar was hired in October as head of the palliative care at the University of Ottawa, a position including a part time activity at the Catholic Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital. He is a lobbyist for euthanasia and helped suicides himself.

According to (May 1) Bruyère and other hospitals approved, in coordination with the bishops, secret guidelines allowing third-party euthanasia assessments for medically frail patients in Catholic facilities.

Archbishop Prendergast wrote to (February 21) that Downar has committed to not "publicly" espousing "aid in dying,” an euphemism for assisted suicide.

Picture: Terrence Prendergast, © Michael Swan, CC BY-ND, #newsHoksgfhsuz
Alex A
Did they possess the faith in the first place???
Clerics have lost the faith