From Prison: Cardinal Pell Weighs In On Amazonian Synod

The innocently Imprisoned Martyr Cardinal George Pell wrote a two-page August 1 letter.

The handwritten letter is addressed to the Cardinal George Pell Supporters and was published on their Twitter-account.

The Cardinal reflects in it about the upcoming Amazon Synod and states that there is "reason to be disturbed" by its Instrumentum Laboris, “This is not the first low-quality document the Synod secretariat has produced.”

Pell calls Cardinal Müller's critique of the Instrumentum “excellent.”

It is evident for him that wherever the Church is, "it cannot allow any confusion, much less any contrary teaching, to damage the Apostolic Tradition.”

Pell also mentions that, while in prison, he received between 1500-2000 letters of support.

Transcript of the English letter