Gloria App: It's Time To Test

Gloria.tv has developed an app that is on the phone easier to use than the browser. The app allows you to post and read news, engage in discussions, watch pictures, memes and videos, exchange messages, meet and connect with like-minded people.

The Gloria.tv app is still a beta version although it has been rigorously tested for a year. But experience tells us that software bugs still may crop up here and there. This is where YOU come in. If you encounter a bug, PLEASE, contact Gloria.tv (office@gloria.tv) or write a posting below so that we can solve the issue.

The Gloria app is written in open-source React-Native and communicates with a JSON API. It’s small, only 16.000 lines code. That is hard to beat.

Push notifications are still half-ready and disabled.

We hope you enjoy using the app! Stay connected through Gloria.tv.

You can download the app for Android via the following link. The Apple version will be published within weeks.


Google Play Store: Gloria.tv App
Awesome, well done GTV 👏 👏 👏