RATZINGER CODE’, part I, now in English!

RATZINGER CODE’, part I, now in English!
September 19, 2022 Editor 5 Comments
Review by Br. Alexis Bugnolo
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If you have never read any book cover to cover, This book is THE one BOOK to read in its entirety.
The evidence gathered by Andrea Cionci in this one book will save the Church from the Globalists and their perverse vicar, Jorge Mario Bergoglio
This is THE most important forensic investigation into the cold-case of Benedict’s ousting and imprisonment. It decisively proves everything I have been saying at FromRome.Info for years. And I am proud to say that Andrea Cionci has taken the facts and insights I gathered, and blown the investigation open into entirely new areas with insights and discoveries that no one else is talking about, but which have uncovered the very ideas and words of Pope Benedict XVI, which have been hidden from us for 9 years by an international conspiracy of historic proportions.
If you have heard or asked yourself such questions in the last nine years, as
“If Pope Benedict XVI would just say something definite, I would believe he is the pope….”
“If only a Canon Lawyer spoke on this issue …”
“If only there was proof …”
THEN THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! As it contains an immensely documented assembly of evidence which responds to each of these questions, with deafening and irrefutable arguments.
The book is entitled, The Ratzinger Code, because it explains the manner of speaking chosen by the Holy Father to get his message out from imprisonment to the whole Catholic World, sounding the alarm and warning them not to follow Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in such wise that his words would be printed and communicated without Bergoglio and his henchmen realizing what he was saying. As such it represents the greatest intellectual tour de force of any Roman Pontiff in the history of the Church and shows that Pope Benedict XVI will go down as the most refined intellectual ever to sit on the Throne of St. Peter and clearly a man of heroic patience and constancy in the face of a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions against Christ and His Church!
That this book has been published in Italian and sent to all Vaticanista and Cardinals and Bishops, and has received NO REFUTATION on TV or in print, in the last 6 months, here in Italy, is already astounding, despite being one of the best sellers in all of Italy right now! — In fact, no future book on this controversy which does not refer to the Ratzinger Code and the evidence it brings to fore, will be worth consideration by scholars, academics and experts in forensics, so authoritatively expounded and collected are all the major facts, events, statements.
The present books is the First Part, which has now been translated into English.
I highly recommend this encyclopedic exposé of what the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has said and been saying during his entire pontificate — which has not ended! — why He himself understands that his Pontificate has not ended; His explicit and his indirect denials that Bergoglio as the legitimate Vicar of Christ; His explicit denial that he himself has abdicated; and a detailed explanation of how the Mafia of St. Gall supported by world Freemasonry had duped the entire planet in 2013 in making us think Pope Benedict XVI abdicated, but how Pope Benedict XVI fooled them all by resigning the ministerium and not the munus, and did this with the most clear, consistent, continual, precise use of terminology, which only those not benefiting from the coup d’etat have the integrity to see.
This is the book to give to those clergy, religious, and laity who have not bought into the Church of Sodom and Globalism (which is undeniably the project of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Cardinals who support him).
DISCLOSURE: Neither I myself, nor FromRome.Info, have received or will receive any remuneration for this book review. I have not received a gift copy of this book from the publisher.
JOURNALISTS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS who would like to interview me in English about this book are invited to do so. Andrea Cionci can be contacted via Sfero.me or the Libero Quotidiano, the Italian daily for which he writes.
In the U.S. I have no channels to talk about the Ratzinger Code, so your social word of mouth is the only resource. If you know English-speaking journalists, kindly point them out to me.
— Andrea Cionci (@CionciAndrea) September 19, 2022

‘RATZINGER CODE’, part I, now in English!