Abbey Heiligenkreuz: Faithful till the Point of Unfaithfulness

Abbot Maximilian Heim of Heiligenkreuz, Austria, and Father Karl Wallner, the rector of the abbey’s theological school named after Benedict XVI, publicly distanced themselves on the school's webpage from one of their professors who signed the Filial Correction.

Heim and Wallner assert that “we cannot accept that this throws a shadow on our theological school.” They point out that the unnamed teacher is a visiting professor, teaching only “occasionally” and signed the Correction in his personal name.

The two point out that their school is “deeply obliged to the Roman magisterium in all things” and that it is their “biggest honour and first duty” to be “faithful” to Pope Francis [even when Francis’ faithfulness is disputed].

Heiligenkreuz is considered by many the last place where a German speaking Catholic education of priests is still possible. The abbey is known for attracting many vocations. In August five novices made their first profession. The teacher in question is the philosopher Thomas Stark.

Picture: Heiligenkreuz, © Melchior2006, wikipedia CC BY-SA, #newsPfqxahkzis
This poor teacher is probably going to get fired : it's fashionable now ! What do you want, when we're not in line with the party, the KGB of François lands !!!