Pope Francis Meddles With Life of Cloistered Nuns

The Vatican instruction Cor orans, published on May 15, which contains instructions for the life of cloistered nuns, is “the death” and “the end of the contemplative monastic life”.

This is the assessment of an unnamed New Rite Carmelite writing on (May 27).

The document asks for the appointment of federal abbesses or "presidents" who oversee federated monasteries. It wants to introduce shared initial formation programmes for postulants and novices, ongoing formation courses for professed nuns, and interconnected funds.

This means that the autonomy of the monasteries is suppressed and the authority of the superior is removed. The single monasteries are financially not independent anymore, and the specificities of each house have no right to exist.

The nun comments, “There are no options in this document, no choices, no recourse. It’s all being done to us.”

Picture: ©, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsEvjykssrjt
Joseph a' Christian
Dear Nuns, you have the obligation to love and obey, your husband Jesus.
Spit in the face of false Francis, a blasphemer of the devil.
GJA Taylor
pope Francis is a crafty old cleric, but his badness will not prevail much longer, thank God he is in his eighties.
Jim Dorchak
As expected
"The IMMACULATE purity of our order and others will be eclipsed..." St Francis of Assisi on a destroyer pope.