Opus Dei: Newly Consecrated Swiss Bishop Distributes Communion To Protestants

At his March 19 consecration, Bishop Joseph Bonnemain, 72, of Chur, Switzerland, gave Holy Communion to three celebrities of the Reformed Church.

Bonnemain, a priest of the Opus Dei, was born in Spain. The three Protestants who received Communion are not known to believe in the Sacrament they received:

Rita Famos, president of the Swiss Reformed Church,
Michel Müller, president of the Reformed Zurich Church Council,
Mario Fehr, member of the government of the Canton of Zurich.

Also present at the ordination were two female and a male prostitute representing "the social peripheries."

At the end of the Mass, Bonnemain knelt before the people to receive their blessing.


Opus Dei is a money grabbing cult. They'd worship the demon allah if that would enrich them.
atreverse pensar
This is horrible.
Spiritually speaking that bishop has damned himself. This might even count as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and that's unforgiveable.
Ocariz is also pro amoris laetitia adulterous sinners taking Holy communion.
atreverse pensar
In which statment?