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Pro-Gay Archbishop Likes “Inadvertently” Gay Propaganda

Pro-gay Malta Archbishop Charles Scicluna liked on Twitter (July 1) a photo of two homosexuals at a New York gay march, entitled “Going out with a bang.”

A spokesman for Scicluna later claimed to (July 2) that this was done "inadvertently." He added that the like has since been removed.

Scicluna follows on Twitter only 140 people, among them the pseudo-married homosexuals Chasten Glezman and Pete Buttigieg. The latter is running for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Picture: Twitter,, #newsRypyuwcsjv
I believe he knew exactly what he was doing
Scicluna knows that Francis prefers pro-lgbt bishops - making them Cardinals. likes this.
As a Maltese, I am ashamed of this ecclesiastical careerist who would do anything to please his master Bergoglio. likes this.