The DIVISION, FRIENDLY FIRE and INTELLECTUAL ARROGANCE unfolding over the situation with Fr. Altman is sad and destructive. There are those who claim to understand the details of this case with such precision and accuracy. They have read things and heard things and based on their estimation, they have determined that they understand fully what is happening and have become judge and jury. Fellow Catholics are more than willing to throw Fr. Altman under the bus and even celebrate his removal as pastor. For some sick reason it seems to make them feel better.

They applaud themselves for having predicted that this was going to happen. They are so smart. Well go ahead and pat yourselves on the back and relish your little self-congratulatory moment. Make your little arguments, state your opinion and even quote a few things that will also give you reason to feel like a mighty intellectual.

There is a much bigger picture here that should be looked at. Things in our world are changing fast and becoming more dangerous than ever. Yet relatively few voices are really crying out against the destruction. Many play the diplomacy game or push blame off on others. They punch their keyboard with cleverness and lay their head on their pillow at night feeling like they have really done something in this world to stem the flow of evil.

They feel good that they have approved the silencing of yet another priest that is trying to change the destructive course of our society. I'll probably get push back for saying these things.

Someone out there in the cyber universe will feel all powerful and mighty as you comment negatively about this, or continue to make your case for why you know so much about the Fr. Altman case and why his silencing is perfectly justified. You know, because you have spoken personally with everyone involved and you have discussed this with the canon lawyer advising Fr. Altman.

You want to win your argument. Unfortunately that is all some are worried about. They are NOT worried about, let's say, the warning of fire falling from the sky and a multitude of the world being annihilated, because we are not turning away from sin. They aren't thinking about the warnings of a WW3, or a multitude of other massive problems going on right now in the world and the Church.

They are fixated on the Fr. Altman thing. Incredible! Remember that when everything really hits the fan and the battle escalates, you're going to need to be unified with your brothers and sisters, even if you don't approve of their manner and tone as they speak out against the evil in this world.

We all should be speaking out against the evil in this world with zeal and conviction. I wonder, as you quote the saints to your convenience, if you would have agreed with everything they said and the way they said it, especially those who called out bishops and other hierarchy in the Catholic Church.

I seriously doubt it. It's a messy world and a messy Church. Toughen up. There's a battle upon us that is far from over and is only ramping up.