Viganò: Francis Instrumental For Establishing Kingdom Of Antichrist

Jorge Bergoglio is the spiritual leader of a universal religion, wanted by the globalist ideology in order to cancel the different religions, primarily Catholicism, Archbishop Viganò told Stephen Bannon on January 3 (full text here).

Viganò calls Francis a servant of the globalist agenda and Donald Trump an obstacle to it, and therefore, Bergoglio supported Biden's election.

For Viganò, the globalist plan is instrumental for the establishment of "the kingdom of the Antichrist" because it shares its principles, means and ends.

He reminds that those who were speaking years ago about the New World Order were called "conspiracy theorists." Now all world leaders, including Francis, speak about it describing it exactly in the terms used by so-called "conspiracy theorist.”

The globalists pride themselves of being the architects of a New World Order "to the point of admitting the need for a pandemic in order to reach their objectives of social engineering,” Viganò writes.