German Court Persecutes Famous Polish Priest For Exposing Church's Gay Lobby

A Cologne district court, Germany, issued a penalty order of €4,800 against the famous Polish Father Dariusz Oko for an alleged "incitement to hatred" against homosexuals, Polish media reported. Oko has appealed the sentence.

In 2021, he published two articles in the German scientific magazine Theologisches against homosexual cliques inside the Church, identifying them as a “cancer” and “plague” for the Church.

The texts translated from Polish were taken from Oko's book Lavender Mafia: With the Popes and Bishops against the Homosex Clique in the Church (2020) that is a bestseller in Poland, where more than 30,000 copies have been sold. The same penalty of €4,800 was inflicted on Father Johannes Stöhr who is legally responsible for Theologisches.

Oko told Polish TVP that he wrote a scientific text and repeated that "I collect known facts about homosexuals in cassocks and their habits. This 'lavender mafia' plays a role similar to the mafia in Sicily.” Deputy Polish Minister of Justice, Marcin Romanowski, an academic and Opus Dei Numerary, explained on that Oko is persecuted for “exposing in a scholarly article a group of rapists operating within the Church." Romanowski who studied in Germany, condemns the German court for “trampling on academic freedom.”

The criminal complaint was filed by Father Wolfgang Rothe, a Rome educated Church lawyer who was vice rector of the now defunct "conservative" Sankt Pölten seminary, Austria. In 2004 pictures emerged showing how Rothe seemed to kiss a a seminarian on his lips.The scandal ended with the deposition of conservative St Pölten Bishop Kurt Krenn.

Rothe was finally recycled by Munich Archdiocese where he promotes the homosex agenda on social media. Cardinal Marx' Munich Archdiocese replied to user dlawe (July 8) who complained about Rothe's recent homosex "blessings" that he will not be punished.

Picture: Dariusz Oko © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsOwoiwgmelq