Cardinal Sarah: Married Priests And Female Deacons Are “Monstrosity”

A decision of the Amazon Synod to introduce a married priesthood, new "ministries" for women or “other monstrosities of this nature” would be a “final break” with the tradition of the Latin Church.

Cardinal Robert Sarah says this in his interview book “The Day Is Now Far Spent”. The book was published in March in French and will appear this autumn in other languages.

Sarah reminds that the Amazon-Synod is not the first instance when voices in the Church claimed that native people are unable to live in celibacy for Christ.

He encourages the priests not to be unsettled by the world, “They make fun of celibacy, but they are afraid of you.” The fact that celibacy is criticized shows that it is a great sign of the Faith.

Robert Sarah: « There is a veritable dissonance in the teachings of pastors, bishops and priests alike. They obviously contradict each other. The result is confusion, ambiguity and apostasy.»
Indeed, a courageous Cardinal; thanks be to God for his much needed voice in our Church.
A voice in the "wilderness" crying out. Thank you and others like you doing so.
God bless Cardinal Sarah
Pines Baguio
God bless you, Cardinal Sarah! You are indeed a TRUE, Holy Servant of our Lord Jesus! We entrust you to lead us to the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, God's Kingdom! 🙏👼❤🙏