Rupnik: Francis' Protégé Is Well and Travelling

Father Marko Rupnik SJ, accused of fornication with nuns, travelled in June to Mostar, Bosnia-and-Herzegovina, after completing the renovation of the Franciscan church, for which Rupnik’s company created a 700 square metre mosaic. He is currently planning the restoration of the chapel of the bishop of Hvar, writes EditorialeDomani.it (June 9). On paper, Rupnik is forbidden to leave Rome and its surroundings and to accept new commissions. As recently as June 3, Francis used one of Rupnik's artworks for a video message.

Picture: Marko Rupnik SJ © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsXertwdlauu

Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
If he were a good and holy traditional leaning priest, Jesuit or no, he would have been stripped of all ministries and duties, and forced to live in seclusion.