A Complete Guide to Pedophilia in Islam

A Complete Guide to Pedophilia in Islam
by Amar Khan (editor)
09 Feb, 2009


Pedophilia in the Quran

Pedophilia in the Hadith

Pedophilia in Islamic Fatwas

Myth of Aisha's Age Contradiction

Proof that Ayesha was Prepubescent


Common Muslims Arguments


There has been a great deal of debate over pedophilia in Islam. We, ex-Muslims, have collected a lot of data in bits and pieces regarding the pedophilic character of Muhammad. For the readers, particularly those with limited access to Internet around the world, to have an access to all the data regarding Islamic pedophilia with a single click, I have compiled them into a booklet. Many authors have contributed to forking out the information contained in this book and credit should go mostly to them. The following main contributors deserve a special mention:

Hector [forum, Faith Freedom International]

Khalil Feriel [forum, Faith Freedom International]

Yezeevee [forum, Faith Freedom International]

Abdul Kasem

I urge readers to distribute this e-book among your fellows. You can email that to anyone. If you want your offspring to live on the planet earth happily, in peace, then Islam is to be tamed or eradicated.
We have to reach the Muslim youth before the jihadis reach them. If we can not reach them ahead of the jihadis, the world will suffer. If you want to save the world, stop terrorism and stop oppression then you will have to tell people the truth of Islam and its founder.
Forward it to others; perhaps your email stops a suicide bomber or someone from funding terrorism. Your single click of the mouse may save human blood, which is being shed in the jihad for Islam, which, in all likelihood, will increase further in the time ahead.
Perhaps, your distribution of this book will alleviate sufferings of the billion-plus Muslims, who are the primary victim of Islam. It will, perhaps, many nations from horrendous attacks like the
9/11 (US), 7/7 (London), 3/11 (Madrid) and 11/26 (Mumbai). Perhaps your action slow, and eventually stop, the site meter of Islamic terror attacks, which stands at 12690 today since 9/11.
This meter is running very fast. We do not know who will fall victim to the next Islamic terror or suicide attack: maybe me, maybe you. Your sharing this e-book with your friends, colleagues and contacts may reduce the chances of you and I be the next victim. We at the Islam watch and faith freedom are working hard to save the world from the atrocious demon, called Islam.
The work done here is voluntary. Dr. Ali Sina and M.A. Khan have left their jobs and working on this most pressing issue of our time at great personal sacrifice. You can support and help this venture in any way possible: you can promote us, give our link to others, talk about us or share our contents in other forums.
About the editor
I was born in Pakistan as an atheist. Then Islam, a cult, was imposed upon me as a religion. Muslim invaders who conquered large parts of my country forced my ancestors to convert to their religion. Once one generation succumbed to Islam, the successive generations were either threatened or brainwashed so that they would never leave this evil cult. My forefathers were even used by Muslim invaders to spread their evil faith and empire. I was a fundamentalist Muslim with beard. I, however, managed to realize that Islam, in the guise of a religion, is actually an imperialistic ideology, similar to Nazism. It is like a net with the spider waiting for the big meal. It spreads through aggression and deception. It is time that we all try to understand 'what Islam truly is' and unite humankind to confront this vicious doctrine of hate. This book is a small step in that direction.
Amaar khan
7 February 2009.

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Pertinacious ignorance and cover up of evil in islam isn't worth perdtion of one soul.