Bishop Introduces Mass Facing the Lord in His Cathedral

Gallup Bishop James Wall, 54, USA, encourages his priests to celebrate Mass facing the Lord (ad orientem) together with the faithful.

In a letter to "my dear friends in Christ" (July 22), Wall announced that each Sunday one Mass in his Cathedral will be celebrated ad orientem.

Wall stressed that this is one of the "most ancient" and "most consistent practices" in the life of the Church.

And, "Versus populum [toward the people] worship is extremely new" and "it still must be considered novel."

Picture: © Peter Zelasko, Diocese of Gallup., #newsIfuhhnxrds
With female dancers on the stage?
Looks like a baloney act. It dose not make sense at all, half-way tradition? He'd better learn from SSPX.
It is one Mass, one.