Normand Thomas

403. Jesus free’s us

When we meet Christ, and this may be during our life, we can say to him:
“We have done what we were obliged to do.” Luke, chapter 17, verse 10

Our duty, our mission is to let Jesus free us from sin and evil, and let him Love us, to allow his graces to transform our lives and the lives of many thousands of people we’ll have no idea he’ll be touching their hearts. The purification of our being inspires others to look for him and let themselves be transformed. Let’s remain in prayer.

When we pray without waiting in return and letting Jesus choose an intention, prayer can reach people we don’t know. Also, it allows us to expect nothing in return. This prayer is free.

May the Lord take our sufferings upon himself, light our way, and lead us ever deeper into his universe of holiness. May the Holy Spirit invade us with his refreshing Presence and bring us together in the Kingdom of the Trinity.
This acclaim reminds us to continue in faith and joy. Praise the Lord:
“All you peoples, clap your hands; shout to God with joyful cries. For the Lord, the Most High, inspires awe, the great king overall the earth. (…) God mounts the throne amid shouts of joy; the Lord, amid trumpet blasts. Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our king, sing praise. God is king over all the earth; sing hymns of praise. God rules over the nations; God sits upon his holy throne.” Psalm 47, verses 2 to 3 and 6 to 9

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Joy in heaven!, Normand Thomas