Brutal Media Attack on “Brutal” Bishop

The French oligarch newspaper (July 10) launched a brutal attack against Avignon Archbishop Jean-Pierre Cattenoz, 73.

Cattenoz is confronted with the usual modernist accusation of being a "prelate of discord." The newspaper wants Pope Francis to send Cattenoz into an early retirement.

It accuses him of a “brutal character,” “mistreating” people, moving priests “ruthlessly,” "not supporting inter-religious dialogue," and not considering Muslims as "welcome."

Given the present Roman party line, Cattenoz is also accused of “neglecting the poor."

The reason: The Archbishop initiated criminal proceedings to obtain the expulsion of illegal immigrants who illegally moved into diocesan premises in Avignon.

Picture: Jean-Pierre Cattenoz, ©, CC BY-SA, #newsRviicwosay