Cyprus: Priests Who Criticise “Vaccines” Lose their Salary

Those priests who were denounced at the Holy Synod “for urging the people not to be vaccinated,” have received an ultimatum from Cyprus’ Orthodox Archbishop Chrysostomos, 80, until September 18.

If they don’t issue a “public apology” and a “written statement” for their “unacceptable sermons” or for opposing vaccination during confession, they will be refused their salary at the end of the month. Bishops who oppose this decision will be banned from the Synod.

Picture: Chrysostomos II © Kremlin.ru, CC BY, #newsQxjdepnbnf
Wow! How Satan has his hand in all of this and so many of our clergy have fallen into his trap.. Poor Souls!
...proving, once again, The Church's clerical leaders aren't the only marxisst pushing the pro-vaccine narrative. No suprise, the orthodox have been riddled with communists for decades, long before El Francesco went to Rome.
Even bishops are following Francis over the cliff into rebellion against the true faith.
Just another 'nut' case looking for approval from his masters...
si tacuisses