Archbishop Confirms: Homosex Ideology Is A Spiritual Disease

Krakow Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski was asked during World Youth Day to explain his precise description of the homosex ideology as a “rainbow plague” (PolsatNews.pl, August 6).

He noted that homosex marches publicly mock the Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady “without any embarrassment" and "without any opposition.” His obvious question: "Isn't this a kind of spiritual disease that threatens us?”

There are homosexuals "who live their problems with themselves, try to solve them in various ways, including in the spirit of Church teaching, fighting with each other for purity of heart, and for whom such manifestations, which have now died down in Poland, were something scandalous,” Jędraszewski said.

After he expressed similar views in 2019, many parents became aware of the homosex issue and asked the schools whether there was anything in sex education "that would destroy their children's hearts.”

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsZfcmwaqwej

LOL. This guy is servile, weak and conformist: two years ago he promoted the govt action "Vaxx Sunday" i.e. mobile points of jabbing visited his parishes on Sundays providing to his flock experimental gene therapy near churches.
cf. e.g. (use automatic translator)
Niedziela była dla Nas!
We need to speak clearly. We cannot betray our faith.
The good Archbishop of Krakow speaks well and truthfully, and in full conformity with the immutable and inerrant teachings of Holy Mother Church’s magisterium. Now, if we could only receive the same from the Vatican.