German Bishops Aim at Producing More Hysteria with Manipulated "Abuse Study"

A historic study on alleged sexual abuses in the German Church from 1946 to 2014 is “deficient”, the German psychiatrist Manfred Lütz stated in an 18-page analysis.

Lütz notices that the reported number of 1670 alleged "perpetrators" includes confirmed false accusations.

In the case of one unidentified diocese six percent of the listed accusations were officially ruled by prosecutors to be false. Another 34% could not be decided as one person’s word stood against the word of the other.

Almost a third (29.5%) of the reported 3677 cases - the single biggest group - were not of a sexual nature but regarded "improper behaviour" without any involvement of the primary or secondary genital organs.

The study consists of several, unrelated partial studies. The data basis of one of them are 69 people who anonymously called a hotline.

Another, better documented study analysed 249 criminal files involving 209 clergymen. But only 77 cases (31%) ended in a conviction, 52 (21%) with an acquittal or were closed due to lack of suspicion and 116 fell under the statute of limitations.

Picture: Manfred Lütz, © rmt hh, Flick, CC-NC-ND
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This is a psychiatrist who does his job well: as it is rare, it should be pointed out. The monster files of Germany and Pennsylvania are trickery to discredit the Church, and meanwhile the Antichrist who is a criminal invites real predators to the synod. In short, a shame!
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