Bishop Bätzing Ridicules Cardinal Müller - Who Fights Back

The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Georg Bätzing of Limburg, told (31 March) that Cardinal Müller "no longer has a mission" and comments on many developments in the world "sometimes a little too hastily".

The Cardinal had criticised Mgr Bätzing for telling the Germans to avoid the AfD, a party that opposes the current right-wing warmongering regime and is therefore called "right-wing".

Cardinal Müller, 76, replied on 1 April that Bätzing had tried to qualify his criticism "with a mocking undertone".

He tried to explain to the bishop: "Anyone who has even a little knowledge of Catholic theology should know that the cardinals of the Roman Church are not 'emeritus', but only lose the right to elect the Pope when they reach the age of 80, but nevertheless remain advisers and collaborators of the Pope".

The Cardinal adds that the German Church, which is "not identical with the Catholic Church in Germany", mixes politics and the Gospel.

The German bishops "stubbornly" ignore the call for a new evangelisation of Germany and won't regain their lost authority in matters of faith by forays into German election campaigns because "the Bishops' Conference is not an instrument of the state", Müller said.