Accusations Against Two Argentinean Monks – But Not Everybody Is Convinced

Two leading monks of the monastery Cristo Orante, Argentina, Father Diego Roque and Father Oscar Portillo, were arrested on December 27.

They are accused of "abuses" against a young man, allegedly starting in 2009 when the man was 17-years-old. However, most of the "abuses" allegedly happened up to 2015, when the man was an adult.

The monastery has operated since 1996. It is located in the paradisiacal area of Gualtallary, Mendoza province.

There allegedly exists an expertise that would show "physical signs" of the "abuses", but not everybody is convinced about the guilt of the two priests.

According to information available to, the accuser is a former novice. People who know him say that he is psychologically unstable.

There is a combination of factors involved in the case.

The client and the lawyers are looking for money. Some real estate developers are eager to get the monks’ properties. The anti-Church media are celebrating the case, presenting it as if the accused were already found guilty.

Also, heterodox Mendoza Archbishop Marcelo Colombo is not a friend of the monastery because it is Catholic.

Picture: Monasterio del Cristo Orante © Martha E Chaves, CC BY-SA, #newsAhxserneqi