Second Shot: Josef Seifert Points At Horrendous Consequences of Abu-Dhabi Declaration

Pope Francis’ Abu Dhabi declaration implies “the end of Christianity” and is "the heresy of all heresies", the philosopher Josef Seifert told (German video below).

The declaration claims that God wills the diversity of religions.

However, on March 1, Francis explained to Bishop Athanasius Schneider that he only meant God's permissive will ("God allows") not his positive will ("God wills").

Seifert calls this explanation “insufficient” because the “completely unacceptable” declaration cannot be fix by a private conversation but must be revoked publicly.

Moreover, Francis' explanation is flawed because no solemn declaration is needed to point out that nothing exists which is not "permitted" by God, including the fall of Satan or the extermination of millions in Auschwitz, Seifert explains.

He gives an example, “Let’s imagine the Pope would have said, ‘From creation, God wanted the diversity of man and woman and the murder of millions in Auschwitz.’ Then, the whole world would be scandalized and the Pope would have to apologize for such a terrible statement."

God's allowing of great evils is totally different from his creative and positive will, “Both cannot be mentioned in the same breath.”

Picture: Josef Seifert, #newsZagztjysrp

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The logic of Begoglio's argument is that all those martyrs we commemorate were just wasting their time, they could more sensibly have just chosen the other faith option. Every missionary, too, was just someone with a bad career choice. Shameful.
A sentence that I offer to make the same point as Professor Seifert is, "God wills the diversity of religions and wars and other forms of violence among their adherents."
It's probably more correct that God allows such "diversity" as He allows humanity to commit many other errors through the exercise of their free will. God does not want humanity to sin, but He permits it.
In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe, and the cross can all fit together.
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