V2 Pope Paul 6 Grovels At The United Nations

Paul 6 falsely stated to the U.N., "We know with what ardor you are working to conquer illiteracy and * to spread culture in the world, to give men modern health service adapted to their needs, to put the marvelous resources of science, technology, and organization at the service of man. All this is magnificent and deserves everyone's praise and support including our own.

We would also like to set an example ourself, even if the smallness of our means might prevent anyone from appreciating the practical and quantitative significance of it. We want to see our own charitable institutions undergo a new development in the struggle against hunger and toward meeting the main needs of the world. This is the way and the only way to build peace."

* Paul 6 praises and entrusts the worldly heathen for their spread of culture in the world. Shortly after this pathetic speech, during his reign, there was the sexual revolution- lust was renamed "free love," abortion/infanticide was legalized with Roe v Wade, pornography increased enormously and sank to vile depths...