More Masonic Heresy, From Pope Paul 6 Speech To UN

"He (himself-Paul 6) is your brother, and even one of the least among you who represent sovereign States, since he possesses - if you choose to consider us from this point of view - only a tiny and practically symbolic temporal sovereignty..."
Working from the false premise that a Pope is the brother of blatant deniers of Christ, and every kind of demonic pagan under the sun, Paul 6 then misuses our Lord Jesus' teaching, to try to cast away Papal authority. The truth is, the Pope is the Supreme human authority on planet Earth, this is the mandate of Christ the King.
Temporal/secular leaders are all subject to Peter.
We see in this speech the same ambiguous-confusing language that also makes up the Vatican 2 documents.
Vatican 2 was in session, October 1965, when this speech was read. Paul 6 had some of the V2 Cardinals with him at the UN, when he unloaded this mess.