Francis Has 20 Million Pound Sterling Privy Purse At His Disposition

Among the current revelations about the Vatican's finances, writes about a £20 million (!) bank account which is at Francis' disposition for "discretional use."

In this context, the anti-Christian cultivates the myth that Francis is a little patient, merciful, innocent sparrow surrounded by vultures who deceive him.

However, (September 30) asks why pauperist, egalitarian, migrationalist, and ecologist Francis has such a substantial amount of money at his disposition. Tosatti would also like to know where the sum came from and why it is in pound sterling.


...and this is just an account under his -direct- control. ;-)
Gesù è con noi
Gesù è con noi
Dear Catholic Brothers, we have to Boycott The so-called Peter´s Pence that will be on October 4. Money that Bergoglio is using to destroy the Church that Jesus Christ founded and to corrupt young people with the vice of sodomy.
That is exactly what's he doing now. Thanks for truth of sodomites infested Vatican. Never trust this very cunning Peter's Pence.
la verdad prevalece
There is not a more wicked thing than a covetous man: for such an one setteth his own soul to sale Sirach 10:9