Francis Quips, “I Am The Devil”

Before the beginning of his Apostolic journey to Lithuania on September 22 Pope Francis greeting journalists and was presented with a book about John Paul II (+2005).

Francis admitted that his reputation pales compared to the one of John Paul II quipping: “John Paul II was a saint, I am the devil."

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTrxruxuhse
Maybe a demon, but his low rent peasant cunning is not that of the devil.
Matthew Michael shares on twitter the numbers in a Catholic Parish in his town

1970: Baptisms-724 Holy Communion-1419 Confirmations-1007 Marriages-371
2018: Baptisms-16 Holy Communion-26 Confirmations-32 Marriages-1
Francis once 'joked' a lady told him he was the False Prophet of the Apocalypse, even though back when he said it he was already shaping up to be a very credible contender. That was about 4 years ago.
He certainly acts as if the entire crisis in the Church is a joke. 🤒
"If the shoe fits..."
He was fishing for a compliment, and he got it. The reported told him he was a saint
De Profundis
To pious ears this sounds scandalous.