Catholic University Raises Rainbow Flag To Honor “Pride Month”

St. Jerome's University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, hoisted a rainbow flag on June 1.

Interim President Scott Kline delivered a speech saying that “all are welcome in this place” - except Catholics, of course.

And, “We, the St. Jerome’s University community, are here this morning to mark the first day of Pride Month by raising the Progress Pride Flag, which will fly until the end of June.”

At the end of the speech, he sang with the audience “All Are Welcome” - although everybody understands that this was an attempt to fool the audience. The initiative is obviously backed by Hamilton Bishop David Crosby and Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins.


Alex A
Dogs! Reverse of GOD.
The rainbow is God's symbol. So this only compounds the mortal sin.
Catholic University Nope
Novella Nurney
First Deadly Sin Month! Of course Canada supports and praises it, it's nigh on illegal not to . Most of the Bishops would anyway, it's one of thier favorite causes and afflictions.
Alex A
Canadian dogs then.
Novella Nurney
Canadian girly fluffy poodles in sparkly tutus with stupid sunglasses and far too long leashes. But yeah, DOGS.;)